Door Academy-Divergent visions 2018/2019

Skill level: Medium-High

Date: From 05/11/2018 till 10/06/2019

Day(s) of week: Monday (every two weeks) and three weekends in the academic year

Time: 7-10,30pm (monday) 10am-6pm (weekends)

Duration: 8 months

Location name: door-Via dei Zeno 42 00176 Roma

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Skill level: Fotoamatori evoluti/Professionisti

Day(s) of week: weekends

Time: 10-18

Duration: 4 months

Location name: DOOR

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Experience your book

Skill level: High level amateur, professional

Date: From 29/07/2016 till 31/07/2016

Day(s) of week: Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Time: 10 am - 6 pm

Duration: Three days

Location name: Gibellina Nuova (TP)

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Door Academy-Divergent visions 2015/2016

Skill level: High level amateur/Professional

Date: From 15/10/2015 till 30/06/2016

Day(s) of week: Monday evening plus three weekends

Time: 7-10,30 pm/ 10am-8pm workshops (two days)

Duration: 8 months

Location name: Rome

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