Latent call-Second edition

The second edition of Latent Call is now on line.

Latent is the result of the meeting and collaboration between door and MATÈRIA, two Rome based institutions specialised in photography. Latent (an anagram for Talent) is an open call aimed at the discovery and the promotion of photographic research and production characterised by originality and innovation within the field of contemporary photography.

The open call has no age or nationality requirements and is open to all artists working with the photographic medium. We strongly encourage experimentation, the use of traditional and contemporary approaches, innovation, and the dialogue between photography and other artistic mediums.

Two artists will be selected to take part in a month long exhibition at Matèria, set to open on February 2018. The overall winner will be awarded a two-week artist residency in Rome. The award will allow the selected artist to work towards the creation of a new body of work.



(Paolo Cenciarelli, photographer and lecturer/

Massimo Mastrorillo, photographer, lecturer and educator/

Pamela Piscicelli, photographer, lecturer and curator)

Niccolò Fano

(Matèria founder and director)

Anouk Kruitof

(Interdisciplinary artist and co-creator, director and

jury-member of the Anamorphosis Prize)

Tristan Lund

(Art consultant specialising in photography,
Collection curator of  The Incite Project