A call to think big and look at what is small

For many of us, the Micro/Macro relationship has always been defined within very clear borders. We have always given a certain value to these dimensions, often recognising a supremacy of what is big compared to what is small.

The current pandemic and the resulting quarantine have forced us to re-evaluate everything and dismantle many of our certainties.

A microorganism has indiscriminately infected millions of people, without distinction of nationality, sex or status. The world economies are almost set to zero and everybody is in lockdown to stop the virus spreading.

In a situation like this, we are almost obliged to value to our time differently, as well as our gestures, the people who surround us and the meaning of community itself. The banality of everyday life, to which we gave such little importance or attention has become the only possible dimension. The micro environment in which we are forced to live each day has become a vital space in which to be, think, create, express our emotions.

This period will undoubtedly become part of history for many reasons.

This is why Door factory decided to create MIKROS, which is not only a creative response to the confinement but in effect it wants to be an invitation to reflect on the concept of microcosm.

The call is open to any artistic discipline

Deadline for submissions May 1, 2020

Think of your project in terms of the final print format, which will be stamp size.

Door will organise an exhibition at its Rome venue with all submitted material.
The best works will become a collector’s limited edition of stamps.

Every participant must send a maximum of 10 images (drawings, paintings, short texts etc.) to the following address:


Multiple entries may be submitted and can be sent at different times.

We are certain that our way of observing, creating and narrating is changing constantly. Let’s share and allow our creativity to do what we are not allowed to at the moment: to get out.