Mikros has finally been published. Coherently with the call, we decided to focus on the importance of the micro dimension and the design was therefore based on the initial idea of ​​creating a collection of images in a stamp format. The book (13.5 cm x 19 cm) is paperback and although it looks like a normal photographic book, it has pages with four empty spaces where you can insert the images in a predetermined numerical order. The images (5×7 cm) are printed on die-cut adhesive sheets and are four per page, following the numerical order in the book. You will be able to interact with the book, by placing the sheets on each page to see the sequences or by attaching the sticker-images in the given spaces. You could even decide to twist the whole editing completely and create your own. The book is sold in a box that was inspired in design and simplicity by the boxes used for artist in the 70s and 80s.

We would like to express our gratitude to all participants for the quality of their work and their enthusiasm. The call and the design are the result of shared ideas and creativity, a unique collaboration between those who managed the call and those who took part in it.

Mikros, AA. VV.

Curated by Massimo Mastrorillo, Pamela Piscicelli
Edited by Massimo Mastrorillo
Design by David Mozzetta
Printed and bounded at La Legatoria

Price: 25,00 Euro

To order: https://www.doorpublishing.it/mikros/