Door Publishing is a space dedicated to contemporary photography.We produce dummies, books and editions by artists and photographers.We work with emerging and experienced authors, following all steps before and after the printing process. We also offer an educational calendar of workshops and classes such as LIBRO, a masterclass on photobooks with international guests.





Undici solitudini from doorfactory on Vimeo.

Photographs and texts: Pamela Piscicelli / Door

Book design: Mirko Smerdel / Discipula
Format: softcover / bound cotton thread
Size: 15×21
Total number of pages: 78
Number of photographs: 56
Paper: Fedrigoni Sirio White White 130 gr
First published: June 2015
Edition size: 100
Price: 20 €

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ALIQUAL from doorfactory on Vimeo.

Photographs: Massimo Mastrorillo/ Door

Hardcover: 128 pages on 150 g/m.
Publisher: Skinnerboox, 2015
Language: Italian and English
ISBN: 9788894031935
Product Dimensions: Size 28×19,7 cm Gardaglos Art, Otabind cucito a filo refe, 4 pagine + 2 alette da 18 cm su tela Bukrham, stampa a caldo 1c giallo su fronte e dorso, due schede su fronte e retro della sovracopertina.
Text by 3/3
Book Design 3/3
Price: 35 €










Sulle Spalle del Gigante from doorfactory on Vimeo.

Photographs: Emanuele Mei/ Door

Book project: David Mozzetta

Linen hardback

Format: Dust jacket in transparent paper printed with flaps

Size: 29.7 x 21.0 cm

Total number of pages: 64 pages, 44 illustrations

Number of photographs: 56

Paper: Munken Linx 150 g

First published: March 2019

ISBN: 9791220042734

Price: € 35

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